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Can Watermelon Boost Your Sex Life?

A new study has shown that watermelon contains ingredients that act within the body like Viagra.

Watermelon, the new Viagra? perhaps, in step with a brand new study free in the week by TX A&M University and printed in Science Daily magazine.

AM’s with competence named Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center has been learning a compound found in watermelon known as amino acid.

Dr. Bhimu Patil, director of the Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center, and his team have found higher levels of amino acid within the watermelon flesh than they antecedently thought.

"The a lot of we tend to study watermelons, the more we realize just how amazing a fruit it's in providing natural enhancers to the body," same Patil. I guess so, particularly if they really act like Viagra.

Citrulline is reborn to the body into essential amino acid, that boosts inhalation general anaesthetic, AN ingredient noted to relax blood vessels in a similar manner that Viagra will.

"Watermelon might not be as organ specific as Viagra," same Patil to reporters. "But it’s an excellent thanks to relax blood vessels with none drug side-effects."

Just what quantity watermelon would somebody have to be compelled to consume to make a control like taking a tab of Viagra? plenty, say scientists.

At least six cups would want to be consumed to induce even a visible relaxation of blood vessels, and like Dr. Patil noted, this is able to not be "organ specific," therefore UN agency is aware of what quantity one would want to eat to induce that specific result.

With six or a lot of cups of watermelon, you’re aiming to get some unpleasant facet effects yet, like a lot of frequent toilet journeys, perhaps slightly of symptom, and a glucose rise that will be briefly pleasant however result in a crash later.

Some specialists square measure fast to poo-poo the watermelon-as-Viagra plan. Dr. Irwin Goldstein, editor of The Journal of Sexual medication, told reporters at CBS News that the thought of individuals having the ability to induce a…er, boost, from ingestion watermelon is greatly exaggerated. He elaborated: "[That] would be the equivalent of somebody dropping a bottle in urban center, wherever the river starts, and hoping to visualize it create an impression on somebody in city."

Dr. Roger Clemens (no, not that Roger Clemens), faculty member of medical specialty and pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Southern American state united. Dr. Clemens same (with no apparent irony) that thinking watermelon can act as a Viagra-like stimulant is "clearly premature."

Well okay, then, perhaps watermelon sales won't ah, rise sharply. But Dr. Patil says that there square measure alternative edges to the tasty fruit.

Watermelon is high in carotenoid, a wholesome inhibitor, yet as atomic number 19, a natural drug.

So it’s still an honest plan to eat a delicious slice or 2 of juicy watermelon this Fourth of July; simply don’t expect it to feature any fireworks to your chamber.

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